Patriot Golf Day Milestone Badges
New this year! Earn badges on your personal page based on your activity for the Patriot Golf Day event.

Badges for Amount Raised:

Raised $8,513
Raised $8,513
Reached 50% of Fundraising Goal
Reached 50%
of Fundraising Goal
Reached Fundraising Goal
Reached Fundraising Goal

Badges for Number of Gifts Received:

Received 1st Gift
Received 1st Gift
Received 13th Gift
Received 13th Gift

Badges for Number of Emails Sent:

For those fundraisers who sent their 1st email from the Participant Center
Sent 1st Email

Badges for Participation:

For those participants who made a donation to their own fundraising page
Self Donor
For those team captains who will lead their teams to fundraising victory
Team Captain
For those on a fundraising team - we've got spirit, yes we do, we've got spirit, how about you?
On a Team

Fundraiser who is also a Veteran
Is a Veteran

Returning Patriot Golf Day Participant
Returning Participant

Fundraiser who updated their personal page in the Participant Center
Updated Personal
Fundraising Page