Folds of Honor Golf 2020

Morehead City Country Club

Founded in 2007, the Folds of Honor mission is to provide educational scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members. Their motto says it best: Honor their Sacrifice. Educate their Legacy.

North Carolina is the second highest recipient state in the country with 430 scholarships being awarded in NC this academic year equaling over $2 million dollars. There is no doubt the FOH impact hits close to home.

To display our commitment to these families who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms, we will play a golf marathon from sun-up until sun-down on Monday, October 19th. We are committed to playing a minimum of 100 holes each.

Our goal is to raise at least one full scholarship, which is $5,000 and we need your help!

We hope you will support our efforts by choosing one of the below options:

1. Make a flat, credit card donation by hitting the DONATE NOW button on this page.

2. Pledge us per hole/birdie/eagle by copying and pasting into a new browser window.

3. Visit the golf shop to make a member charge donation OR drop off a check made out to "Folds of Honor".

As an additional incentive, everyone who donates $10 or more will have a chance to win a series of 3 lessons. Plus whoever is closest to guessing how many combined birdies we make will win a prize.

Regardless of the amount, all donations are so appreciated and make a difference in the lives of these deserving individuals.

Thank you for your support!

Nick Eatmon & John Trujillo

PS - all donors will receive a charitable tax receipt from Folds of Honor upon donation submission.

Per Hole Played and Birdie/Eagle Pledges will be collected after the marathon. Current Supporters include:

Mike Spissu $50
James Tuck $50
James East .50 per hole, .50 per birdie
Carol Beaird .50 per hole, .50 per birdie
Chuck & Jean McDanal $1 per hole, $1 per birdie
Alan Leary $1 per hole, $1 per birdie
Martin Sceeny .50 per hole, .50 per birdie
Richard Lackman $25
JoAnne Harrell $50
Penn Shore $1 per birdie, $1 per birdie
Tom Copeland $100
Richard & Marilyn Bingmann $100
Jack Winchester $1 per hole $1 per birdie
John Fountain $100
Richard Porter $1 per hole
Steve Chalk $100
Matt & Kim Tynes $50
Richard Parker $100
David & Sheri Colquitt $50
Lance Waggener $100
Barry Dillehay $50
Marc & Maureen LaFrance $1 hole
Steve Proctor $1 hole, $1 birdie
Andrew Foster .50 hole, .50 birdie
Doug Burton $100
Joy Bell $1 hole $1 birdie
Bert Pearce $100
Benson Campbell $1 hole $1 birdie
Joe Mikrut $2 hole $1 birdie
Ron Pearson .50 hole, .50 birdie
Whitney Bullock $1 hole
Bill & Kathy Eatmon $100
Doug Rosier .75 hole .25 birdie
Joe & Betsy Decampo $50
Jane Domer $25
Doug Townsend $250 & $250 if John & Nick play 100 holes
Sandi Woods $50
Vic & Joyce Olsen $50
Jim & Diane Ellington $150
Dell Ericksen $30
Randy Miller  $100
Chic & Sue McMahon  $.50 hole
Richard Tuttle  $25
Don Kirkman  $100
Randal Parker  $50
Bob & Grace Marshall  $100
JoAnn & Duncan MacLane  $300
Phil & Anna Stewart  $100 & $1 birdie
Pete Huffey  $100
Jim & Myra Harris  $50
Budget Blinds  $250
John Fountain  $100
Bill Coulter  $1 hole $1 birdie
Anonymous $650

Nick Eatmon & John Trujillo $1 hole & $1 birdie

To learn more about Folds of Honor, visit

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