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*The seventh fold is a tribute to our armed forces, for it is through the armed forces that we protect our country and our flag against all enemies, whether they be found within or without the boundaries of our republic.

This is where you will stay connected with all things Folds of Honor, such as impactful partnerships, upcoming events, store promotions and most importantly, the stories of the families you stand with.


April is the Month of the Military Child. It’s the time for our country to recognize our service men and women are not the only ones making great sacrifices. Although young, these brave sons and daughters stand in steadfast in support of their parent(s). As they face circumstances unique to their lives, they exemplify resilience, courage and strength. Join us this month in honoring them.

Please consider making a donation. Together, we can ensure every child of our nation’s greatest heroes receives the educational opportunities they deserve.

Jordyn Kerr is the daughter of disabled Army Sergeant Julie Ann Kerr, who dedicated much of her life in service to this great country. Jordyn credits her mom with teaching her “how to be a strong, independent, and intelligent woman.”

Jordyn graduated from the University of Cincinnati in December of last year with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and minors in International Business, Communication and IT. Earlier this year we received a beautiful letter from Jordyn highlighting her amazing accomplishments throughout her academic career and expressing her “incredible gratitude to have had the support of Folds of Honor while in pursuit of (her) goals.”

Jordyn wanted to thank everyone who donated to Folds of Honor for giving her the means to complete 10 internships, 3 study abroad trips and hold 3 leadership positions during her four and half years at college.

She says, “The financial support (Folds of Honor) provided not only made it possible to obtain a college degree, but also the possibility to endure the most transformative years of my life.” After graduation Jordyn is utilizing her degree and experience abroad to have a global impact through social enterprise; once again demonstrating how your support of Folds of Honor is vital to ensuring the dependents of our country’s most heroic service members have the opportunity to make the impacts their service member fought for.

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Kansas City Chapter

La Quinta Country Club 2019 Reunion Celebration

In Kansas City, Roger Buford first met Major Rooney at Indian Hills Country Club in 2012. Later, in 2013 at the annual Medtrak Folds of Honor event, he met Major Pulido. Impressed by both men’s stories and the mission of Folds of Honor, Roger decided to start a fundraiser at La Quinta Country Club in California where he was then President.

The event was scheduled for March 5, 2014 but just weeks before, Roger was diagnosed with cancer. He refused to let his illness slow down plans for La Quinta, however, and in the midst of treatment and surgery that February, he enlisted the help of his son, Rhett Buford, and the Kansas City Folds of Honor chapter president and national board member, Larry Pfeiffer. Together they pulled off a successful first year event and sparked a passion for Folds of Honor among the membership at La Quinta that has continued to grow. Over the years, many PGA and Champions Tour players have attended the tournament in addition to well-known celebrities like Clint Eastwood.

This year marked the sixth annual La Quinta event which has now raised over $1.2 million for Folds of Honor! Past speakers and their children returned for the Red, White and Blue celebration, including Colleen Katzenberger, Lisa Hallett, Wesley Bauguess, and Kelli Campbell. Major Dan delivered a moving presentation and Major Ed provided his much loved “Hooah!” firing up the crowd for a record-breaking year.

As a community, members of La Quinta Country Club have made Folds of Honor their preferred charity. Many have developed personal relationships with recipients and speakers, hosting them in their homes during the event. Folds of Honor shirts and hats are a common site on the course, and after this year, there will be two new Folds of Honor branded golf carts driving around as well!

Thanks to Roger Buford’s leadership and passion, La Quinta Country Club now exemplifies what it means to be a part of the Folds of Honor family. The Kansas City chapter and the many recipient families touched by their generosity are forever grateful for their love and support.


Coca-Cola has been a proud partner of Folds of Honor since 2012. To date, they have given more than $1.8 million to help provide educational scholarships to the children and spouses of our fallen or disabled service members.

This year, they are continuing their support. At QuikTrip, for every Powerade sold, a portion of the proceeds will go directly toward our scholarship fund. As summer approaches, choose to stay hydrated with Powerade and give back to the families of our nation’s military heroes.

We are beyond grateful for the continued support of Coca-Cola and QuikTrip.

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Folds of Honor would also like to give special recognition to these partners for their support and efforts in the month of March:

Although our national promotion for Patriot Golf Day is over labor day weekend, we believe every day can be Patriot Golf Day. This coming Memorial Day, a day on which those who sacrificed everything for our freedoms, is a fitting time to host or participate in a Patriot Golf Day activity benefitting the legacy left behind.

Ways to get involved in Patriot Golf Day include:

     1. Host or play in a Patriot Golf Day tournament
     2. Conduct or pledge a Patriot Golf Day marathon
     3. Organize or attend a Patriot Teaching & Coaching Day
     4. Collect or donate through a golf facility registered for Patriot Golf Day

We have a dedicated Patriot Golf Day Team ready to provide top-notch service to PGA professionals, event organizers, host facilities and supporters at large. Please feel free to contact the team member in your area with all Patriot Golf Day questions.

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