The 7th Fold
The 7th Fold | Volume 1, Issue 1 | April 2018 | Folds of Honor E-Newsletter
*The seventh fold is a tribute to our armed forces, for it is through the armed forces that we protect our country and our flag against all enemies, whether they be found within or without the boundaries of our republic.

This is where you will stay connected with all things Folds of Honor, such as impactful partnerships, upcoming events, store promotions and most importantly, the stories of the families you stand with.

After Kelli Campbell lost her husband, Major Shawn Campbell, in a Marine Corps helicopter collision in Hawaii on January 14, 2016, she moved to Kansas City to be close to family. Suddenly uprooted from everything familiar, Kelli and her four children, Tristan, Kenna, Kate and Donovan, faced the daunting task of starting a life from scratch. Whitefield Academy opened their doors to the Campbells and Folds of Honor was there to provide the peace of mind Kelli needed to fully enroll her previously homeschooled children. The school community quickly became like family and Kelli’s children are thriving in a safe, loving and academically excellent environment. Kelli believes that without Folds of Honor, she would not have known how or where to begin a new life.

Today, Kelli works with the Kansas City Folds of Honor chapter, grateful to be able help pass on the support and hope she was given.

"Folds of Honor gave me a lifeline and the Kansas City Chapter gave me an anchor. They gave my children a community of people that love them and care for them - a community that knows their names, knows their individual quirks and needs. They're getting everything Shawn and I ever wanted for them."

While the Campbell family will always grieve for their hero, husband, and father, they are joyful and full of hope for the future.
Kansas City Chapter
La Quinta Patriot Golf Day
The Kansas City chapter in partnership with La Quinta Country Club and its members held their fifth annual Patriot Golf Day event. Together, they raised more than $250,000 and look forward to surpassing $1 million in 2019. 

"Five years ago, the membership of La Quinta Country Club held their first LQCC Patriot Day. The membership at La Quinta opened their arms and embraced the Folds of Honor and the families of our Military men and women to make the educational dreams of the children a reality. My wife Morgan and I have been blessed to be a part of this extraordinary and generous group of Patriots."

Larry Pfeiffer
Folds of Honor Board Member
Kansas City Chapter President

Please click the link below to find a local chapter in your area, and help Folds of Honor continue to bless the families who have sacrificed so much.

Rite Aid
To date, The Rite Aid Foundation has awarded more than $7.2M to fund educational scholarships through Folds of Honor. Because of their generous giving, more than 1,500 military families lives have been changed.

"The sacrifices of our military heroes and their families are great and while no words will ever fully express our gratitude, The Rite Aid Foundation remains committed to providing educational support to the children helped by Folds of Honor. We look forward to working with the organization and honoring our military heroes by educating their legacy."

Tracy Henderson
Director of The Rite Aid Foundation &
Charitable Giving Initiatives

*Participate in KidCents to round up your purchases to the nearest dollar at Rite Aid, and give the change to Folds of Honor to help kids in your community.
Folds of Honor would also like to give special recognition to these partners for their support and efforts in the month of March:
Patriot Cup
May 26th-28th | The Patriot Golf Club, Owasso, OK
Fox & Friends

Click the video above to watch Major Dan Rooney share the mission of Folds and announce some exciting news from Budweiser, our largest supporter. Also joining him is Michelle Trahan, wife to LtCol Scott Trahan to share their incredible story and how Folds of Honor has helped them.


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